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Berry Green Protein

What is “Berry Green Protein” and how is it made?

Berry Green Protein is an organic, high-protein, nutrient-dense, plant-based functional food power. Its protein source is a natural pea protein isolate from certified organic North American grown yellow peas. This pea protein is produced with a natural fermentation process which uses no chemical solvents.

It has an excellent array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids).

We work closely with our certified organic growers to get the best phytonutrient profile in this proprietary blend of greens, vegetables and fruits. The brightly colored, non-oxidized powders are protected from direct heat, UV light and moisture during the manufacturing process. The organic blend of ingredients is harvested at an optimal time, then concentrated and dried to preserve their nutritional potency.

You can review the nutrition panel and all ingredients right here!

Is Berry Green Protein Gluten and Dairy Free?

Yes – it is 100% gluten and dairy free. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for a plant-based protein with high digestibility. Berry Green Protein contains NO grains, alfalfa, corn, fructose, or artificial sweeteners.

We sometimes get questions about wheatgrass and barleygrass, as they sound like they’d contain gluten! Wheatgrass and Barleygrass are both grasses of the wheat and barley grain. While the kernels of these plants contain gluten, their grasses do not. Many people commonly juice wheatgrass as it can often be found in health food stores.

How do I use it?

Shake it up, blend it up or bake with it!

Mix 1 serving of Berry Green Protein into 8-12 oz of water, or other liquid of your choice and shake or mix vigorously to combine.

You can also add a serving of Berry Green Protein to a smoothie and blend it.

It also bakes beautifully into many recipes, increasing the protein and micronutrient value of your recipe.

Bonus Recipe Guide included in your first purchase!

Should I use it daily?

While you can use it daily to increase your protein intake and boost your greens and fruit micronutrient intake, you can also use it every other day if you’re rotating in another type of protein you enjoy or getting plenty of protein and greens from whole foods.

Should I still use it if I’m already having green smoothies?

Yes, I really recommend that you add a concentrated greens powder into your rotation of smoothies, and I always recommend adding protein to your smoothies to ensure you meet your daily needs for protein – especially if you’re active. You can either add Berry Green Protein right into your smoothies themselves, or enjoy it as an additional serving in a glass of water at some point in the day.

You may not getting enough variety in the greens you’re putting in your smoothies to really harness all of the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that can be derived from the 15 different superfoods in this blend. It’s also very hard to ensure that the greens and fruits you’re using in your smoothies were harvested at their optimal time for the best bioavailability of nutrients, and we know how expensive organic produce can be. This is a wonderful way to supplement what you’re already doing and give your body some real health insurance!

How does it taste?

Berry Green Protein tastes like the real strawberries and vanilla bean we use to flavor it with! It has a lovely smell that you’ll notice right away when you open the container for the first time, and the taste matches the aroma. It has a balanced moderate sweetness with no weird aftertaste, so you can enjoy it in water, or still add fruit in a smoothie and it won’t be “too sweet.”

One of the ingredients you’ll see on the label is “organic natural flavors.” A “natural flavor” means that the flavor must come from a real food source, however companies vary greatly on how these are processed. We start out by using organic strawberries and vanilla bean, which we distill the essence of to get our flavor. Therefore, while you won’t see “strawberries” or “vanilla bean” listed in the nutrition panel specifically, they are represented in the flavoring and those with strawberry allergies should avoid this product.

In regards to the way we sweetened the product, I never liked the way stevia tasted in powders I had tried in the past which was such a bummer because it’s a wonderful low-sugar plant-based option. When I started working on this product, I learned that there are actually different kinds of stevia available, and again, the way they are processed makes a difference in the taste (and frankly, quality).

While many manufacturers commonly use a widely available form of stevia known as “stevia Reb B” we opted for the higher quality “stevia Reb A “- which we also source from organic growers. The common practice is to extract the stevia with alcohol – another contributor in its odd – sometimes “too sweet” aftertaste. Naturally I opted to distill the stevia without alcohol, which means it adds the kind of balanced, mild and natural sweetness to Berry Green Protein, rather than a harsh or overpowering sweetness.

I recommend watching the product reviews as many of the people talked about how it tasted to them, and they are all different.

How does it blend?

Even when shaken up with just water, the Berry Green Protein blends beautifully and is drinkable without being gritty or sticky. Because I chose not to add a bunch of coagulants and other additives to make it bind, if you leave Berry Protein sitting in a glass of water for a while, some of its sediment will naturally sink to the bottom of your glass. This is normal, just give it another stir, or another shake if it’s in your blender bottle and it will mix right back into the water.

Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

We would absolutely LOVE to, however each country sets specific regulations on what kind of food products can be imported so we ship only to the USA at this time. Because we’ve included so many organic whole foods in Berry Green Protein we can’t guarantee it will make it to you through customs due to regulations your country may have on importing fruits and vegetables. We apologize for this inconvenience!

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“I looked at the ingredients and everything that was a fruit or vegetable, something organic, something that I know what it is.”- Jennifer K.
Berry Green Protein
“It's quick and easy to go, and I can take it on the run...and it does taste amazing! I feel extra healthy when I drink this.”- Cheryl R.
Berry Green Protein